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Dealing with Uncertainty – Strategies from Laura Scott

dealing with uncertainty senior living

In these tumultuous times, it’s vital that we develop strategies for navigating the inherent uncertainty of life. We sat down with Laura Scott, an executive and leadership coach, to discuss practical techniques that can help us manage our emotional responses and build resilience in the face of chaos. Laura’s expertise lies in the realm of […]

AgeWell Solvere Living: Creating Senior Communities That Foster Lifelong Learning.

transforming senior living communities

In today’s evolving landscape of senior living, the role of lifelong learning is increasingly coming to the fore. Learning new skills, exploring new interests, and engaging in intellectual activities can significantly enhance the quality of life for seniors, contributing to their cognitive vitality, emotional wellbeing, and social connectedness. At AgeWell Solvere Living, we’re passionate about […]

Navigating the Senior Living Industry: Key Insights from AgeWell Solvere Living Experts


The senior living industry has seen significant evolution in recent years. As leaders in the field, AgeWell Solvere Living has stayed ahead of the curve, responding effectively to new trends, addressing challenges, and leveraging opportunities for innovation. In this blog post, we share our expert insights into navigating the dynamic landscape of the senior living […]