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Our passion to inspire others is what drives us at AgeWell Solvere Living and inspiring people to realize their full potential is our vision.


We create value-driven innovative solutions through exceptional customer service, nurturing growth, providing rewarding careers and tools for success, and by achieving financial success.


Building relationships through our core values is what we do. We place residents, families, team members and owners needs at the forefront.

Our Story

In AgeWell Solvere Living communities, every story matters.
Here’s ours.

Once upon a time there were two Florida-based senior living operators AgeWell Living, founded in 2006, based in North Palm Beach, and Solvere Living, founded in 2012based in St. Petersburg. Each company had their own family of team members and were passionate about serving residents. Collectively, they had decades of experience within the aging services industry, and they were all acquaintances with common goals. One day while talking about their dreams for the future, they created a vision which they felt would allow them to provide a higher level of service to their residents and team members. So, on January 1, 2023 they joined together to be one unified company!

In keeping with the vision to realize their full potential, leadership found opportunity to provide even more service and growth by merging with yet another Florida-based operator – Sonata Senior Living. As of November 2023 the Sonata and Serenades portfolio of communities is part of the AgeWell Solvere family. And the company is stronger than ever with more dedicated team members than before.


A Passion For People

There’s no denying it. The passion to inspire others is what drives AgeWell Solvere. It’s an intense passion that energizes us to bring out the best in every partner relationship; community resident, family member, team member, developer, owner and our own team members. That’s what makes AgeWell Solvere unique in its approach to senior housing, be it a new development or a community in need of turnaround or growth. Passion is where it starts. To find out how that passion leads to value-driven, innovative solutions, read on.


Value-driven, innovative solutions is more than our mission

It's Your Path To Success

Our very name, AgeWell Solvere Living, combines our successful aging philosophy to “age well” with the Latin solvere, which means “to solve”, and embodies our mission to create value-driven solutions.AgeWell Solvere digs deep to get to know the customer, market, the competition and the community – inside out. We create value-driven innovative solutions for all customers through:

Creating preference by delivering exceptional customer service to residents and families.

Creating environments that promote residents and team members’ social, intellectual, physical and spiritual growth.

Providing rewarding career opportunities, hire the best team members and provide them with tools to excel.

Creating stability, and achieving financial success.


Company Values that prove to
be invaluable to those we serve

Word gets around when you have satisfied customers and our values play a role in that satisfaction. AgeWell Solvere’s values are heartfelt, deliberate and steadfast. We put owners’ and customers’ needs first and foremost. We value loyalty among ourselves and to those with whom we are privileged to work. We honor integrity and transparency in our relationships. Our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to work longer, harder and smarter. With values like these, AgeWell Solvere communities are destined to flourish.

This Is What Makes Us Different

Three Pillars supported by our well-founded platform

AgeWell Solvere is investing in the health and wellbeing of residents. Based in research, we know that 70% of how we age is based on lifestyle choices, not genetics! A rich holistic lifestyle for each resident including regular movement, continued learning, strong social connections, and meaningful purpose is the essence of our foundation. Our philosophy emphasizes unlocking the full potential and sustaining vitality at every stage of life. Residents are empowered to chart their own path to healthy longevity, knowing that they have access to all the necessary resources for success. We believe that even small lifestyle changes can yield significant positive outcomes, regardless of age or impairment – it’s never too late to start. 

PILLAR ONE – Wellness

Based on the Latin word, “well-being or wellness,” Salus™ is our wellness philosophy that strives to empower and touch the heart, the mind, the body and the soul of all residents, no matter what their physical or emotional challenges. Salus is rooted in a proactive, holistic approach that addresses the four major dimensions of wellness –social, intellectual, spiritual and physical.

PILLAR TWO – Customer Experience

To AgeWell Solvere, “the customer always comes fi rst” is more than a catchphrase. It is at the very core of our commitment to resident and team satisfaction. Enriching lives by inspiring joy is the mission of our ServiceTree philosophy, backed up with hospitality trainings and programs to ensure anyone who interacts with an AgeWell Solvere community has an outstanding service experience.

PILLAR THREE – Marketing and Sales

AgeWell Solvere understands everyone has a story. We want to listen and share them! We have a passion to honor your legacy, encourage your dreams, and enhance your future. Our desire to truly know your story is the foundation of our trademarked StoryTree trainings. Through the use of storytelling, AgeWell Solvere sales and leadership teams ask questions to draw out the stories of current and prospective residents and share the attributes of their communities. Learning a person’s story is key to unlocking a deeper relationship and gaining commitment to advance the sale.
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Values Statement

Building relationships through integrity, transparency, loyalty and entrepreneurship.

Leaders in Senior Living

Passion is at the heart of our story

Awarded the Great Place to Work Designation 6 Years in a row!

Passion can’t be taught. You either have it or you don’t. At AgeWell Solvere Living, we have a passion to honor your legacy, encourage your dreams and enhance your future. You can feel our passion in the creation of our signature philosophy Salus (Latin for “wellness”), a constant reminder to infuse everything we do with purpose, respect and energy.

You can also feel it in our simple — and unassailable — belief that you always come first. And finally, you’ll feel it in our desire to truly know your story, with all its fascinating twists and turns, colorful characters and powerful themes.

Join Our Team

Inspiring Careers In Senior Living

Joining our team at AgeWell Solvere Living means becoming part of a dynamic community where every role plays a vital part in enhancing the lives of older adults. We offer not just jobs, but inspiring careers in senior living, where your skills and compassion can truly make a difference. Whether you’re passionate about caregiving, hospitality, administration, or anything in between, we provide opportunities for growth, a supportive work environment, and the chance to contribute to a thriving culture of excellence. If you’re looking to be part of a team that values purpose-driven work, we invite you to explore the fulfilling career opportunities waiting for you at AgeWell Solvere Living.