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Our passion to inspire others is what drives us at AgeWell Solvere Living and inspiring people to realize their full potential is our vision.


Building relationships on loyalty, integrity, transparency, and entrepreneurship is our values. We place residents, families, team members and owners needs at the forefront.


We create value-driven innovative solutions through exceptional customer service, nurturing growth, providing rewarding careers and tools for success, and by achieving financial success.

OUR Story

In AgeWell Solvere Living communities, every story matters. Here’s ours.

Once upon a time there were two Florida-based senior living operators AgeWell Living, founded in 2006, based in North Palm Beach, and Solvere Living, founded in 2012based in St. Petersburg. Each company had their own family of team members and were passionate about serving residents. Collectively, they had decades of experience within the aging services industry, and they were all acquaintances with common goals. One day while talking about their dreams for the future, they created a vision which they felt would allow them to provide a higher level of service to their residents and team members. So, on January 1, 2023 they joined together to be one unified company: AgeWell Solvere Living! 

Rich Gordon Keith Magna

Sales Team Development

We focus on equipping our teams with the knowledge, tools, and support needed to excel in promoting our exceptional senior living communities and delivering an outstanding experience to our prospective residents and their families.

Marketing & Advertising

Our marketing efforts utilize multiple platforms and are strategically crafted to resonate with our target audience, showcasing the exceptional lifestyle, care, and vibrant communities we offer to older adults and their families.

Wellness Management

Wellness management encompasses holistic programs and individualized care plans, ensuring residents that call AgeWell Solvere communities home enjoy optimal physical, emotional, and social well-being throughout their journey with us.

Three Pillars Of Service

This Is What Makes Us Different

These Three Pillars are the cornerstone of what we do and proof of what differentiates AgeWell Solvere Living’s approach to senior living — our desire to work longer, harder and smarter to provide you with the ideal next chapter in your story.

Why Choose Us

Senior Living Experts You Can Trust

Holistic Wellness Approach

AgeWell Solvere Living prioritizes residents' overall well-being through comprehensive wellness programs and personalized care plans, fostering a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Vibrant Community Atmosphere

Our communities offer a dynamic and engaging environment where residents can build deep connections, participate in enriching programs, and form lasting friendships.

Expert Support and Care

With a team of experienced professionals, AgeWell Solvere Living ensures top-notch care, 24-hour support, and a compassionate approach that provides families peace of mind.

Senior Living Marketing Experts

We pride ourselves on being marketing experts in the senior living industry, leveraging cutting-edge strategies to connect, engage, and provide valuable insights to potential residents and their families.

AgeWell Solvere Senior Living Experts
Leaders in Senior Living

Passion is at the heart of our story

Awarded Best Place To Work 6 Years In A Row!

Passion can’t be taught. You either have it or you don’t. At AgeWell Solvere Living, we have a passion to honor your legacy, encourage your dreams and enhance your future. You can feel our passion in the creation of our signature philosophy Salus (Latin for “wellness”), a constant reminder to infuse everything we do with purpose, respect and energy.

You can also feel it in our simple — and unassailable — belief that you always come first. And finally, you’ll feel it in our desire to truly know your story, with all its fascinating twists and turns, colorful characters and powerful themes.

Senior Living Careers Great Place To Work
agewell solvere living leadership team
Meet Our Leaders

A Message From Our Leaders


Inspiring Careers In Senior Living

Joining our team at AgeWell Solvere Living means becoming part of a dynamic community where every role plays a vital part in enhancing the lives of older adults. We offer not just jobs, but inspiring careers in senior living, where your skills and compassion can truly make a difference. Whether you’re passionate about caregiving, hospitality, administration, or anything in between, we provide opportunities for growth, a supportive work environment, and the chance to contribute to a thriving culture of excellence. If you’re looking to be part of a team that values purpose-driven work, we invite you to explore the fulfilling career opportunities waiting for you at AgeWell Solvere Living.

The Monarch at Richardson Team