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Kristin Ward and David Mills

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When you’re in the business of building thriving communities, you learn a thing or two about building community among employees too. At AgeWell Solvere Living, you won’t simply have a job, you’ll be a member of a team that recognizes — and promotes — your strengths and ideas. And just as we honor the legacy of the people who live in our communities, we honor the aspirations of the people who work here. Our benefits are generous, our pay is competitive and our culture is supportive. We know the work you do impacts lives. The same can be said of working with us.

Innovative Solutions

Your Path To Success

Collaborative Excellence:

At AgeWell Solvere Living, we foster a culture of collaboration where every team member's input is valued. We believe in the power of diverse perspectives coming together to create innovative solutions and provide exceptional care for our residents.

Continuous Growth:

Our commitment to employee development is unwavering. We offer opportunities for growth, training, and skill-building to help our team members thrive in their careers. When you join our community, you're not just an employee; you're a valued member of our dynamic, ever-evolving team.

Compassionate Connections:

At the core of our culture is a deep sense of compassion. We understand that the work we do is more than a job; it's a calling to make a difference in the lives of our residents. We take pride in creating an environment where empathy, kindness, and respect are the cornerstones of our daily interactions.

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Inspired Solutions Driven by Purpose, Honesty and Passion

At AgeWell Solvere Living, we value the work that every single person does in our communities — and you’ll feel our appreciation every day. Whether it’s from a resident whose face lights up when you see each other, or a colleague who works hard to build long-term opportunities for you, working with us is more satisfying, more exciting and more respectful.

You can also feel it in our simple — and unassailable — belief that you always come first. And finally, you’ll feel it in our desire to truly know your story, with all its fascinating twists and turns, colorful characters and powerful themes. View available job opportunities at the AgeWell Solvere Living communities.


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