AgeWell Solvere Living Communities


AgeWell Solvere Living About Us

How We Embrace Individuality

Every community operated by AgeWell Solvere Living thrives because we recognize, celebrate and encourage individuality and a holistic approach to wellness.

AgeWell Solvere Living Salus

Latin for “well-being,” this powerful and comprehensive philosophy is infused into everything we do, making sure our communities will continue to inspire you.

AgeWell Solvere Living Service

“The customer always comes first” is frequently said, but rarely demonstrated. At AgeWell Solvere, it guides every relationship we have in our dedication to service.

AgeWell Solvere Living StoryTree

Our StoryTree philosophy reminds us to see your life like you do, as a story with many chapters, countless subplots and interesting characters.

Every Community Is As Unique As Their Story

At AgeWell Solvere Living, we celebrate the beauty of uniqueness in each of our communities. Just as every individual has their own story to tell, every community has its own tale, and we embrace this diversity wholeheartedly. From the distinct character and charm of our locations to the individual personalities and backgrounds of residents and team members, our communities are a mosaic of experiences, traditions, and moments that make each one truly special. We believe that it’s this rich tapestry of stories that creates the vibrant, warm, and welcoming environment that is home.