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Recruiting Manager

Brittany Herbst

Brittany is new to the senior living industry. Previously, Brittany worked as the HR assistant for our VP of People & Culture before being promoted to Recruiting Manager. As the Recruiting Manager, Brittany focuses on the recruitment of General Managers, Sales Directors, and Wellness Directors for our Solvere Living communities. Brittany also offers support to our Business Office Managers and General Managers when it comes to recruiting talent for their communities. As part of the HR team for Solutions Advisors Group Brittany works closely with the VP of People & Culture and assists with all recruiting-related HR topics when supporting our communities as well as our management team.Education and Certifications: Bachelor of Science, St. Petersburg College Associates of Arts, Hillsborough Community College

Top Five Strength Finder's:

Harmony, Restorative, Woo, Includer, and Positivity

Brittany Herbst

After Hours

When Brittany is not at work her favorite thing to do is spend time with her two puppies and her family. She has a Basset Hound and Lab mix who she adores very much. Brittany also enjoys hanging out by the pool, playing games, or watching television. She also loves anything related to Disney and she is a huge Colts (NFL) fan.