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Managing Director of Sales & Marketing

Christine Dreisbach

Texas born and raised, Christine spent the first 23 years of her sales and marketing career in Chicago, successfully increasing occupancy for several of the largest senior living organizations including Brookdale, Parkside Senior Services and Legacy Health Care. An executive-level sales leader, Christine is an accomplished professional with expertise in operations, strategic planning, business development, training and multi-unit management. Effective in team development, new location openings and expansions, Christine has demonstrated success in overseeing multiple processes and locations simultaneously, overseeing personnel, controlling financial functions, establishing policies and procedures to increase profitability.

Top Five Strength Finder's:

Achiever, Strategic, Individualization, Relator and Arranger

Christine Dreisbach

After Hours

Growing up on a Texas ranch catching lizards and riding her horse Smokey over sand dunes made Christine fearless. So fearless in fact that today she claims the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Cubs as her favorite sports teams. A child of the 80’s she never quite outgrew the 80’s music vibe and still enjoys live concerts and pulling out her Peavey amp and Fender guitar every blue moon.
Christine after hours