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Justina Fees

Justina is a web developer and digital marketer who has been designing, coding, and optimizing online strategies since 2016. She has worked with organizations ranging from one-person start-ups to multi-billion-dollar companies. Justina earned her technical certifications in Web Development and Design from San Diego Continuing Education, but first launched her career at Trader Joe’s. As the youngest Manager in the Southern California region, she optimized sales daily at seven different stores and participated in two new store launches. To this day, she embodies their emphasis on integrity — and kaizen: improving 1% every time you do something.

Justina is proud to have built websites that have earned millions of visits, and is proud to have helped more than half a dozen start-ups earn their very first sale. She truly loves helping organizations and people grow. In simple terms: Justina specializes in getting the message to capture your attention — and then your heart. Top Five Strengthfinder’s Themes: Input, Connectedness, Strategic, Learner, Arranger

Top Five Strength Finder's:

Input, Connectedness, Strategic, Learner, Arranger

Justina Fees

After Hours

Justina’s true nature is exploration. Adventure is how she refuels her creativity tank. A long hike, a couple nights of camping, or a plane ride to another country is how she chooses to enlighten herself. Her love for travel and endless pursuit of a new hazy IPA she can call her favorite has spanned the globe: she is up to 16 US states and 8 different countries — and counting! Justina’s adventure buddy is a 2 year old pup named Tico, who she adopted from the streets of Costa Rica. Together they enjoy floating down the river, rock climbing, running, hiking, and playing soccer.