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Mark Lichtenwalner

Mark is currently a Founder and Co-CEO of AgeWell Solvere Living, a senior housing development and management company specializing in working with their clients to create state of the art senior living communities for successful aging. He has extensive experience leading teams in the senior living and hospitality industries. During his career, Mark worked for Marriott International (lodging and senior living), Vi, and Greystone Communities. He founded AgeWell Living, LLC with his business partner Larry Landry in 2008 and in January 2023 AgeWell merged with Solvere Living. The combined company known as Agewell Solvere Living has 19 communities with approximately 2,400 total units under management in seven states, with five more under construction to open by summer 2023. The merger brings together a management team of seasoned industry veterans with decades of experience.

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Mark Lichtenwalner

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