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Rob Sorak

With a background that spans both agency and non-profit work, Rob Sorak brings a wealth of diverse experiences to the marketing team. He graduated from The University of Tampa, where he majored in advertising & public relations, further bolsters his ability to navigate the intricacies of marketing. As a Marketing Specialist, he is a driving force behind marketing campaigns and initiatives. His dedication, creativity, and expertise continuously propel AgeWell Solvere Living toward new heights in the world of senior living marketing.Rob is truly a jack of all trades in the realm of marketing. Armed with a strong skill set and a passion for driving engagement, he plays a pivotal role in elevating digital presence and enhancing marketing outreach efforts. He has experience in managing multiple social media accounts across various platforms. Rob strategically curates, organizes, and leads training sessions to ensure social media channels adhere to best practices. His guidance and expertise empower teams to consistently increase reach and engagement, fostering a meaningful online community. Rob is experienced in publishing blogs with relatable content, applying SEO best practices and implementing proper website architecture . Rob’s creative flair extends beyond content creation; he possesses knowledge of the Adobe Suite, which he skillfully wields to craft eye-catching flyers and templates.Education: Bachelor of Arts, Advertising & Public Relations, The University of Tampa

Top Five Strength Finder's:

Analytical, Communication, Discipline, Positivity and Individualization

Rob Sorak

After Hours

A Chicago native, Rob currently resides in Tampa with his fiancé Shelby. In his free time, Rob enjoys traveling, going to concerts, listening to podcasts, playing video games, and watching basketball.
Rob Sorak After Hours