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AgeWell Solvere Living: Celebrating Seven Years as a Great Place To Work

Great Place to Work Certification Badge 7 Years Running!

AgeWell Solvere Living is thrilled to announce that once again it has been certified as a “Great Place to Work” for the seventh consecutive year! This esteemed recognition from the Great Place to Work Institute and Activated Insights highlights our unwavering commitment to creating an outstanding workplace environment.

The certification process involved an in-depth survey of 100% of our employees across all locations. The survey assessed over 60 aspects of the team members’ experiences, including their pride in the organization’s impact, belief in the significance of their work, and the meaningfulness of their roles. These rankings are based entirely on employees’ experiences, offering a true gauge of our workplace culture.

“We are deeply honored to be recognized as a great place to work for the past seven years,” said Kristin Kutac Ward, Co-CEO of AgeWell Solvere Living. “Our team members nationwide do an exceptional job every day and are incredibly committed to our mission.”

Team member helps resident at AgeWell Solvere Living

We are especially proud of our top scores:

  • 87% of team members agreed, “I feel I make a difference here.”
  • 84% of team members agreed, “My work has special meaning: this is not ‘just a job.’”
  • 84% of team members agreed, “When first joining the company, I am made to feel welcome.”
  • 83% of team members agreed, “This is a physically safe place to work.”

These results reflect our dedication to creating a supportive and meaningful work environment. “We strive to live up to our values statement – Inspiring people to realize their full potential,” Ward continued. “Our diverse and talented team drives us to perform better each year.”

Dr. Jacquelyn Kung of Activated Insights commended our efforts, stating, “We applaud AgeWell Solvere Living for seeking certification and sharing its employees’ feedback publicly. These ratings reflect its capacity to earn its employees’ trust and create a great workplace for high performance.”

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If you are inspired by a culture of excellence and driven by values of integrity, transparency, loyalty, and entrepreneurship, we invite you to consider joining the team. Explore our rewarding career opportunities and become part of a community where your passion and dedication can truly shine. To learn more and view our current job openings, visit our Career Page. Join us in creating a brighter and more fulfilling future for older adults at a AgeWell Solvere managed community.

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