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Bridge The Gap- A Senior Living Podcast

Charles Mann and Kristin Kutac Ward

Bridge The Gap: Accushield Case Study with AgeWell Solvere Living

In this episode of Bridge The Gap, Charles Mann, Founder and CSO of Accushield meets with Kristin Kutac Ward, Co-CEO of newly merged AgeWell Solvere Living to discuss the benefits of using the Accushield kiosk in senior living communities.

“Accushield was built on a problem that I experienced as an operator, and that was knowing who’s in the building. And when you don’t know who’s in the building, bad things happen.”

-Charles Mann

As we age, there is often additional assistance we need with daily activities. This could include medical, care, personal care, or other support services. With this in mind, Accushield has developed a revolutionary solution that helps improve the lives of seniors and the quality of care they receive.

Watch the Bridge The Gap Podcast where Kristin and Charles review the Accushield platform and how it enhances security, accuracy and efficiency of visitor management in senior living communities.

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