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Nurturing Excellence: Unveiling the Impact of AgeWell Solvere’s MVP Program 

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In the intricate tapestry of senior living communities, a beacon of excellence shines through the Mission Value Purpose (MVP) program. This dynamic initiative, carefully cultivated by AgeWell Solvere, serves as the cornerstone of fostering a culture of unwavering commitment, integrity, and respect within each community. 

At the heart of AgeWell Solvere’s mission lies a profound dedication to creating a nurturing environment where residents thrive and team members flourish. David Mills, President and COO of AgeWell Solvere, along with Kim Brawley, Regional Vice President, and Kim Horn, Executive Director at The Monarch at Richardson and a Senior Executive Director within AgeWell Solvere, peel back the curtain to unveil the transformative power of the MVP program. 

As David eloquently articulates, “Everything that we do revolves around Mission, Values, and Purpose. In a company like ours, if we don’t have that, you just have a company where people come and go. We actually need to get to a point where we are the Google-esque seniorly of what we do.” This profound statement encapsulates the essence of AgeWell Solvere’s unwavering commitment to excellence. 

Central to the MVP program’s efficacy is its ability to cultivate a stable and consistent workforce—a fundamental pillar that underpins the success of any senior living community. By instilling a sense of purpose and belonging, the MVP program empowers team members to embrace their roles with passion and dedication. 

Kim Brawley elaborates on the program’s transformative impact, stating, “The MVP program has been proven to lower our turnover. We now have so many years of experience that we can be able to have statistics around this and say, ‘Look, when you do this program and you do it well and you believe in it, it lowers our turnover and increases our resident satisfaction scores and our team member satisfaction scores.'” 

Indeed, the MVP program transcends conventional workplace initiatives—it embodies AgeWell Solvere’s core values of loyalty, integrity, transparency, entrepreneurship, and respect. These values serve as guiding beacons, illuminating the path toward excellence and fostering a culture of collaboration and mutual respect among team members. 

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Kim Horn underscores the significance of these values, remarking, “The MVP program defines our core values. That is like the minimum expectations that we have for our team members. It’s like a goal post. This is what we’re working towards, and everyone knows what it is.” And she would know best, as The Monarch at Richardson was recently named Best Assisted Living three years in a row and recently celebrated 13 MVPs of the Year, most of whom are awarded year over year for their dedication. 

Integral to the MVP program’s success is its unwavering commitment to integrity and transparency. By fostering open communication and encouraging team members to take ownership of their roles, the program instills a sense of accountability and pride in one’s work. 

As David aptly summarizes, “The intentionality of the program is the beauty. So don’t be afraid of it, just do it. Because in the end, we all know who our MVPs are.” 

In essence, AgeWell Solvere’s MVP program serves as a testament to the transformative power of fostering a culture of excellence and respect within senior living communities. Through unwavering commitment to core values and a steadfast dedication to nurturing a cohesive and engaged workforce, AgeWell Solvere continues to set new benchmarks for excellence in the senior living industry. 

Join us as we continue our journey of excellence, guided by the principles of integrity, respect, and unwavering dedication to enhancing the lives of residents and team members alike. Together, we can build a future where excellence knows no bounds, and every individual is empowered to thrive. 

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