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Self Care and Self Compassion in Uncertain Times: An Insightful Conversation with Laura Scott

Amid the ongoing turmoil and uncertainty of our times, we had the opportunity to sit down with Laura Scott, a renowned Executive and Leadership Coach, and President of Coaching 180. Her expertise lies in self-leadership, encompassing resilience, self-regulation, and equanimity. She helps her clients remain composed, strategic, and innovative even in the face of chaos, something incredibly relevant for all of us today.

In our candid conversation, we explored the significance of self-care and self-compassion, the role they play in our lives, and why they are more crucial now than ever. Laura believes that we have a strange tendency to equate busyness with worthiness, particularly in our culture where being busy seems like a badge of honor. However, perpetual busyness can be detrimental to both our body and mind.

Laura emphasized the importance of understanding our limits, recognizing the signs of exhaustion or burnout, and ensuring we take breaks and care for our bodies and minds. She cited historical figures like Albert Einstein, who made it a point to take a peaceful walk in the woods for at least an hour every day. Einstein understood that the key to creativity and innovation often comes from periods of quiet and solitude.

So how can we practice self-care and self-compassion? Laura humorously suggested that we could all learn from our canine friends. Just like dogs need their daily walks, we too need daily rituals to maintain our health and wellness. These include ample sleep, which allows our brains to prune neurons and make room for new ones; staying hydrated, something many of us overlook as we often substitute water with caffeinated beverages; and regular stretching or engaging in low-impact exercises such as tai chi, swimming, and aqua aerobics.

While it’s important to recognize the need for self-care, it can often be challenging for individuals, especially those in the caregiving industry, to allocate time for themselves without feeling a sense of guilt. Laura highlighted that overcoming this guilt begins with the belief that you deserve the care and time you’re devoting to yourself. This may involve reflecting on past experiences, understanding that making mistakes is a part of human nature, and learning to show self-compassion.

She spoke eloquently about accepting failure as a norm, viewing it as a learning experience rather than a catastrophe. Using everyday products like WD-40, post-it notes, and bubble wrap as examples, Laura pointed out that these were all initially failed experiments, yet they were repurposed and have now become staples in our lives. Similarly, we as humans are constantly evolving and adapting to our circumstances, turning our setbacks into stepping stones.

Our conversation with Laura served as a much-needed reminder that taking care of ourselves is not a luxury but a necessity. Whether we’re in the midst of a crisis or navigating the calm after the storm, prioritizing self-care and self-compassion can significantly enhance our ability to cope with life’s challenges. It was a privilege to have Laura share her wisdom with us, and we look forward to continuing to apply these valuable insights in our own lives.

Stay tuned for more enriching conversations and valuable tips on our blog. Remember, the journey to self-care and self-compassion begins with you, so take that step today!

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